Billboards work for non-profits and charitable organizations*

Stand Out with Billboards

Billboards allow you a creative and economical way to advertise your events, fundraisers and awareness for your cause!

  Billboards are proven and affordable tools for non-profits and other charitable organizations to deliver high impact messages to different audiences.
  Whether your goal is to raise awareness, build a community, convert your existing community into donors, or some combination of all three, Advertising Inc. empowers non-profits by enabling them to mobilize communities, increase fundraising, enlist more support and importantly tell their stories.

  Non-profit marketing begins with pinpointing the most personal connection that you have with your with your constituents to maximize the resulting message. It's your brand that helps make a strong connection while creating a positive response in your marketplace. The more successful non-profits communicate frequently and consistently with their supporters, the community and potential donors.
I'm sure you have seen other organizations billboard. There is a reason they keep using them month after month. They Work!

Outdoor advertising costs less than radio, TV or print!

  Non-profits today are facing greater challenges than ever. With so many organizations, standing out from others is difficult. Your non-profit needs a well-planned marketing strategy to build awareness and ignite the passion of your cause with followers and the general public.

  People have a natural desire to be charitable. When that desire is stimulated, supporters tend to give more time and money to important and urgent causes. Investment in marketing builds awareness and allows you to brag about what your good deeds and successes.

  Advertising Inc. is a marketing and advertising tool that helps not-for-profits work harder with fewer dollars and integrate outdoor advertising into their online and offline media mix. Outdoor advertising costs less than radio, TV or print on a CPM basis.

  Advertising Inc. makes billboard buying easy and helps non-profits optimize their advertising budget. Your spending and budget depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

Advertising Inc. supports nonprofit organizations!

  We partner up with you to help give back! You may not know where to start when it comes to tackling marketing with billboards. Advertising Inc. makes it easier than ever before. We help you find the locations that are best for your marketing goals, and we give you the freedom to choose how often your billboard shows and what you advertise on it.

*Non-profit Billboard rate, can not benefit a for profit business.