Contract Periods

  Advertising, Inc. rents its faces on a monthly basis. Multiple monthly contracts are certainly welcomed, and can be for up to twelve months. They can be for a fixed location (same face for multiple months) or for rotating locations. We have three different posting schedules, one for our Maryland boards, one for our Virginia boards and one for our Pennsylvania boards.


  In the Hagerstown/Washington County Maryland market our contract period begins on the first of the month. All copy will be posted/erected five working days either side of the first. Every effort will be made to insure that the copy stays on the billboard for at least 30 days.


  In the Winchester/Frederick County VA market our contract/posting/billing schedule* begins on the 10th of the month and for all of our faces in Pennsylvania, our monthly schedule* begins on the 20th of the month.


*Copy posted outside of these schedules may incur additional costs.


Two Costs to Consider

  The first cost to consider is our fees for rental of our billboards, which includes the cost to post and maintain your copy for the contract period.


  The other cost is for the printed material to be posted on the billboards. This material, which we call “copy”, can be supplied either by the advertiser, or can be furnished by Advertising, Inc. If the copy is to be supplied by the customer we ask that you check with our staff on correct sizes, materials and finishes. All copy needs to be in our building at least ten days before the posting date. If furnished by Advertising, Inc. the cost for graphic design will be furnished at no additional cost


Types of Copy used by Advertising, Inc.

  Currently Advertising, Inc. can accommodate two types of copy; printed poster paper or full wrap vinyl banners. Printed paper will normally last two months barring any extreme weather events. It is glued to the face of the billboard and once installed cannot be reused elsewhere. Vinyl banners will last up to two years and can be reused and relocated.


  If the copy is to be provided by the advertiser it needs to be produced by nationally recognized printers who regularly provide these services. It is highly recommended that our advertisers have a detailed conservation with our staff on specifications for these types of copy. Advertising, Inc reserves the right to reject copy not produced to industry standards.


Appropriate Messages

  Advertising, Inc. is a locally owned company. Its owners, officers and employees live in our market area and we are proud of our product and services. Images, words or the intent of the copy to be displayed may be rejected by the Company if it is deemed to be detrimental to the communities we serve. It is highly recommended that the advertiser submit a layout of their proposed copy to Advertising, Inc. prior to its production.


Nonprofit Organizations

  Advertising, Inc. is also proud of its record in supporting nonprofit service organizations in our communities by providing our services at below market rates. Please contact our staff to learn more about how we can help you help others.